BYLAWS of the




The name of this organization shall be “General’s Highway Athletic Association, lnc.”.


1. The purpose of the corporation is to provide adult leadership, guidance and management in the formation of organized community athletic activities. To promote and instil leadership qualities as well as the concept of teamwork among our youth. To provide organized and sponsored activities in an effort to help combat juvenile delinquency. To encourage and develop positive athletic competition between communities and other amateur organizations. To teach and develop basic athletic and social skills.

2. To direct and/or conduct the raising and solicitation of funds, whether through subscription, sale of goods or services, donations, membership fees or any other lawful means. All of the funds of the corporation shall be used exclusively for the above purposes and no part of the funds shall be disposed inure the benefit of any member or officer of the corporation, or any other corporation.

  1. Upon dissolution of the corporation, all assets shall be distributed to one or more exempt purpose within the meaning of section 501e (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, to a state government and/or to local government for a public purpose. Any such assets not so disposed of shall be disposed of by the Circuit Court of the County in which the office of the corporation is then located, exclusively for such purpose or to such organization or organizations as said Court shall determine, which is organized and operated exclusively for such purposes.


1. Any adult, 18 years or older, may become a member of the General’s Highway Athletic Association, Inc.

2. The Articles of Incorporation and By-laws of the corporation may be amended by two-thirds (213) vote of the membership present who are eligible to vote in accordance with Article III, Section 2 of these by-laws at a regularly scheduled meeting. All proposed amendments to the Articles of Incorporation and the By-laws of the corporation shall be presented at a general membership meeting and displayed in a public place until it is voted upon at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

3. Fees for participation in each sponsored activity are established by the Board of Directors. Any change in the established fees are subject to a two thirds (213) vote of the membership present who are eligible to vote in accordance with Article III, Section 2 of these by-laws at a regularly scheduled meeting. A portion of each fee (the amount to be determined by the Board of Directors) shall be considered to be membership dues in the Corporation and shall be placed in the General Fund Account.



1. Corporate Officers: The executive powers of the corporation shall be vested in a Board of Directors which shall be composed of the following Corporate Officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. These officers are to be elected at the first annual meeting of the Corporation, to serve without compensation The President and Secretary will initially be elected to serve one (1) year or until their successors shall be elected. The Vice-President and Treasurer shall initially be elected to serve two (2) years or until their successors shall be elected. Subsequently, all officers shall be elected to serve two (2) year terms.

2. In the case of a vacancy occurring in the Board of Directors, except for the President during any year, from any cause, the Board of Directors is authorized to elect a new member to fill the vacancy for the remainder of that term. The vacancy in the office of the president shall be filled by the Vice-President-

3. Directors may be removed before the completion of their term of office provided all of the following conditions are met:

a. A motion must be made by a director and seconded by a member at a regular membership meeting.

b. Fifty percent (50%) of those members then eligible to vote in elections must be present at the meeting and they must vote for the removal of the Director by at least two thirds (2/3) majority.

c. Succession to the office vacated by the removal of the Director shall comply with the provisions of Article IV, Section 2 of these by-laws, except that in no case shall the Director so removed succeed himself in office.

4. Duties of Officers. The officers and appointed managers of the corporation shall have the following duties:

a. President: T he President has the overall responsibility for all activities of the corporation. The president shall preside at the monthly general meeting of the corporation held each month and at all special meetings of the Board of Directors. In his absence his duties shall devolve upon the Vice-President. The President shall have the further duties and authority as the Board of Directors shall have from time to time direct. The President shall have the authority to delegate appropriate duties to members of the Board. The President shall also act as a liaison with the Anne Arundel Department of Recreation and Parks. The President, with input from each sport commissioner shall develop an annual budget to be presented at the October regular meeting. The budget will be voted upon by the general membership present who are eligible to vote in accordance with Article II, Section 2 of these by-laws at the annual meeting held in November of each year.

b. Vice-President: The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the president, preside at the general meetings of the corporation and the special meetings of the Board of Directors. The Vice- President shall have such further duties and authority as the President or the Board of Directors may from time to time direct for fund raising activities, coordination with Commissioners and events.

c. Secretary: The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all regular meetings of the corporation and all meetings of the Board of Directors; shall maintain and keep the Corporate Seal and all records of the corporation except the books of account; shall take attendance at all corporation meetings and maintain a current list of all voting members; shall post all notices of meetings; maintain a list of all committee appointments; and attend to all the correspondence of the corporation. The Secretary shall have such further duties as the President or the Board of Directors may from time to time direct.

d. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall be responsible for the receipt and collection of all funds of the corporation; pay all authorized obligations and make a report of receipts, disbursements, and financial status at each regular meeting. The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing yearly tax forms, a year end statement and coordinating with a recognized Certified Public Accountant to audit the books of the General’s Highway Athletic Association, Inc. The Treasurer shall have such further duties and powers as the President or Board of Directors may from time to time direct.

5. The past President shall sit with the Board of Directors of the Corporation as an advisor for a period of one year.

6. Nominating Committee: To nominate candidates for offices, a nominating committee shall be created in September of each year and consist of three (3) members appointed by the president. They will present a slate of candidates at the October regular meeting.

7. Elections: Elections shall be held at the November regular meeting. The officers shall be elected by secret ballot to serve for one (1) year or until their successors are elected. Their term in office shall begin on January 1, following the annual meeting at which they are elected.

8. Eligibility: All nominees for office and officers of the corporation shall be members of the corporation in accordance with Article III of these Bylaws.

9. The Board of Directors has the authority to administer and direct those sports supported by the General’s Highway Athletic Association, Inc. Any rules to be distributed for a particular sport by a commissioner are subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors.

10. If a Board Member has child(ren) participating in a General’s Highway Athletic Association, Inc. sport, the fee will be waived for said child(ren).



1. Regular Meetings: The regular meetings shall be held quarterly on the first Wednesday of February, May, August, and November unless otherwise ordered by the membership or the Board of Directors. The time and place shall be determined by the Board of Directors. Regular Meetings are open to the general public.

2. Semi-Annual Meeting: The regular meeting in November shall be known as the annual meeting and shall be for the purpose of electing officers, receiving reports of officers and committees, voting on the next years budget, and for any other business that may arise.

3. Special Meetings: Special meetings can be called by any member of the Board of Directors, or upon the written request of one (1) member of the Corporation. The purpose of the meeting shall be stated in the call. Except in cases of emergency, three (3) days notice shall be given.

4. A quorum shall consist of seven (7) members of the corporation.



1. It shall be the duty of every member of this corporation to foster and promote the object of the corporation through attendance at regular meetings and cooperate with the Board of Directors when called upon to perform personal services necessary to the successful accomplishment of the objectives of this corporation.



1. The-Corporation reserves the right to make from time to time any amendments of its charter after which may now or hereafter be authorized by law including any amendments which may become necessary for the corporation to retain its status as a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation because of change, revision or requirement under section 501 c (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

2. These by-laws can be amended at any regular meeting of the corporation by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of membership present who are eligible to vote in accordance with Article III, Section 2 of these by-laws.



1. The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order (Newly Revised) shall govern the corporation in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these by- laws.



1. The President or Treasurer may commit non-budgeted corporation funds up to five hundred and fifty dollars ($550.00) without Board approval. Those funds expended shall be reported at the next general membership meeting. All issued cheeks must be two (2) signature checks, one (1) of which shall be that of the Treasurer. Only original signatures may be used.

  1. For allocations or commitments beyond “Five hundred and fifty dollars ($550.00) a majority of the. Board’s approval is required.



1. All Generals Highway Athletic Association, Inc. sponsored teams shall be eligible to receive one individual trophy for each eligible player member.

2. Any team trophy as awarded by outside General’s Highway Athletic Association, Inc. Community League and/or tournaments are to be given to the President of the Council for display in an appropriate public place.

3. Special awards for adult council members shall be authorized by the majority vote of the officers upon recommendation by any council member. A person can only receive this type of award once in any calendar year

4. No award other than those hereby mentioned by the General’s Highway Athletic Association, Inc. shall be given to any team player member.



1. A commissioner(s) will be appointed/removed by the president with approval of two thirds (2/3) of the remaining Board of Directors. A commissioner will be appointed for the following sports: baseball, lacrosse, soccer, and softball when teams are fielded in these sports.

2. The commissioner of each sport is responsible for the organization and structure of that particular sport, selection of the coaches and coordination with the equipment manager for the inventory and purchase of equipment and uniforms.

3. Any protests, arguments, disagreements, etc., should be directed to that particular sport commissioner. His/her decision is final.

4. The Commissioner shall attempt to ensure that all home playing fields etc., are as safe as possible for play.

5. The Commissioner shall ensure that all equipment when issued for that sport is safe and certified, if needed.

6. The Commissioner shall attend or send a representative to all count meetings for that particular sport.

7. The Commissioner or his representative shall attend all Recreation Council meetings.

8. The Commissioner shall have a meeting at the beginning of his/her sport with the head coaches to instruct them on their duties and responsibilities for the upcoming season.

9. The Commissioner shall publish an information packet for parents and coaches at time of registration for his/her own sport.

10. Commissioners will assist in the fund raising activities as necessary.

11. If a Commissioner has a child(ren) participating in that particular sport, the fee will be waived for one (1) child.



1. An individual must be eighteen (I8) years of age or older to be eligible for selection as a head coach.

2. Head coaches will be selected by their respective sports Commissioner from candidates meeting the age requirement and based upon the following priorities:

a. Past head coaches who have demonstrated responsibility in coaching and in maintenance and return of equipment and uniforms. These coaches, however, are not automatically reinstated.

b. Active participants in the activities and functions of the Recreation Council.

3. If a head coach has a child(ren) participating in that particular sport, the fee will be waved for one (1) child.



1. The objective of a coach is to instil in the youth of his/her team the ideals of fair play, honesty, loyalty, and respect for authority, courage, discipline and good sportsmanship.

2. A coach shall not use profanity on or around the playing field/court.

3. A coach shall not use alcoholic beverages or tobacco products on or around the playing field/court.

4. A coach will not unduly harass or intimidate a game official or another team.

5. A coach will not pull or dismiss the team from the playing field/court during a game in a manner that is detrimental to good sportsmanship.

6. A head coach is responsible for the following:

a. Attending all games and practices at the designated time. If unable to attend or be on time, the head coach will ensure that an assistant coach will be there on time.

b. Not leaving a practice and/or game until all participants are picked up by their parent(s)/guardian or transportation has been arranged.

c. Setting forth all ground rules of discipline to the player at first practice or at a special meeting prior to the first practice.

d. Not using physical force on any player.

e. Ensuring that his or her team is available for picture taking day at a prescribed time, date and location.

f. Obtaining all equipment and uniforms from the equipment manager and arranging for its immediate return at the conclusion of the season or by the prescribed date.

g. Assigning parents to work in the concession stand in coordination with the individual abilities for the operation of the concession stand.

h.      Picking up and distributing any items for sale (candy bars, raffle tickets, etc.) to the players, collecting the money and returning the money to the fundraising coordinator by the prescribed date. It is recommended that the coach appoint a team parent to help administer these plus other activities.

i. Picking up all paper, bottles, etc., etc., from the area after a game or practice.

j. It is recommended that coaching shirts be worn to all games.

k. Ensuring that his/her team wear full uniforms and equipment issued by General’s Highway Athletic Association, Inc. Players not in full uniform will not be allowed to participate. No sweat suits, shorts, etc., can be bought for, donated or obtained in any manner for a particular team *If a parent wishes to provide hislher child’s equipment for a particular sport, it must be of equal or better quality the equipment issued by the Generals Highway Athletic Association, Inc. All parent provided equipment must be certified by the sport commissioner to meet General’s Highway Athletic Association, Inc. standards. A document will be filed with the Equipment Manager by the Sport Commissioner each time a parent provides equipment for his/her child participating in Generals Highway Athletic Association, Inc. sponsored activities.

l.         All county team players will play a minimum of one third (1/3) of every game except for children with health problems or due to disciplinary action. All clinic and intramural team players will play a minimum of one-half (1/2) of every game except for children with health problems or due to disciplinary action. Any coach, with the sport’s Commissioner can petition the Board for an exception of the rule.

m. Providing a schedule, in writing, for practices and games to each player prior to the start of the season.

n. Attending Recreation Council meetings during their respective seasons so they will be aware of all activities. The meetings will be announced.

7. Coaches may be suspended at any time for infractions contained in Article XIII by their sport’s Commissioner. Decisions may be appealed in accordance with Article XIV Section 1. Any coach dismissed will not be eligible to coach any General’s Highway Athletic Association, Inc. team in any sport for the remainder of the current season lasting through the end of the following year’s season.



1. If an individual is not satisfied with a decision made by a Sports Commissioner, that decision may be appealed to the Board of Directors. The appeal shall be in writing and directed to the President. The Board of Directors will determine if the appeal shall be heard. A special meeting, with affected parties present, if necessary, will be held by the Board of Directors. Three (3) out of Four (4) votes will be necessary to overturn a decision. If a conflict of interest occurs with a particular appeal involving any Board member, the President will select a suitable substitute for the appeal hearing.

2. If a Commissioner is not satisfied with the decision made by the Board of Directors, that decision may be appealed to an Appeals Board. The Appeals Board will consist of the President and six (6) existing sports Commissioners selected by the president. The appeal shall be in writing and directed to the President. The Appeals Board will determine if the appeal shall be heard. A special meeting, with affected parties present, if necessary, will be held by the Appeals Board. Five (5) out of seven (7) votes will be necessary to overturn a decision.


General’s Highway Athletic Association, Inc.

Governing Board Officers


 President Mike Hicks

Vice President

Gary Williams


home:  (410) 897-0634


Treasurer- Neil King


Joe Porter

Past President

Tom McAndrews


mobile: (410) 693-1243


General’s Highway Athletic Association, Inc.

Directors and Sports Commissioners

Football– Jimmie Hall
Baseball– Beau Brown
Boys Basketball– Jeremey Toton
Girls Basketball– Elizabeth King
Clinic and Community Basketball– Lisa Lyman
AAU Basketball– John Downs III
Girls Lacrosse– Dana Toton and JR Pappas
Soccer– Shawn Smith

  If you are interested in being a Commissioner or learning more about this role which sets the pace for a youth sports program then please contact us.  Come and build a program and a legacy of good through our youth.

The General’s List – Honored Organization Volunteers

The General’s Highway Athletic Association, Inc., and its predecessor the Rolling Knolls sporting organizations, have been in existence since 1986.  During that time we have had many volunteers and they all are notable to some degree.  With the General’s List we wish to particularly honor those individuals who have gone above and beyond in their service to the community and to our organization1.

Current honorees in our General’s List with their year of selection are as follows:

D. F. “Fred” Reno – Service from 1988 through 1997

Fred Reno was the third coach for girls lacrosse and the first real Commissioner for the organization.  Fred was able to grow and nurture the organization while having a substantial impact on the lives of the many young ladies who played in the organization.  His span of service was over a decade and we are deeply indebted to him because the backbone of the General’s Highway organization has been the Rolling Knolls Girls Lacrosse organization.  Feel free to read more about Fred in the History of Girls Lacrosse.

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John Mays – Service from 1995 through 2003

John Mays took over as the second Commissioner of Girls Lacrosse right where Fred Reno left off.   John had already been coaching lacrosse for a number of years and now he added the Commissioner’s job to his portfolio.   John was quite adept at coaching his teams to the top of the standings and division crowns.  His players were quite complimentary noting that John made the game fun for them as well as notably improving their skills.  In fact John made such a good impression that one of his players, Kelly Gukanovich, had returned at one time to help out with our Clinic teams.

John kept the organization focused on lacrosse and on our girls and young women, even during times of change and turmoil.  His leadership set an example that lives on today in our organization.

John served for a number of years on the Girls Lacrosse Association of Anne Arundel County, both as a board member and as treasurer.  He was also one of it’s founding members and his presence is still felt today.

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Dave Blaha – Service from 1997 through 2005

Our own Dave Blaha was one of the winners of the 2005 Volunteer of the Year Award, called the Ron Blake Award, from the Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks Department for his work with GHAA Lacrosse and Soccer. Please check out the Anne Arundel County Recreation and Parks announcement.


Some key items submitted with Dave’s nomination:


Length of volunteer service ~ Long Term Continuous Service

  • 9 years from 1997 through 2005 for AA County Leagues 
  • 1 year Coach of Indian Creek Middle School Girls Lacrosse on a volunteer basis in 2005

Nature of service ~ Inspiring and Character Building for Our Youth

  • AA County Soccer Coach for 8 Years
  • AA County Girls Lacrosse Coach for 9 Years
  • AA County Soccer Commissioner for 3 Years
Specific duties ~ Responsible Performance with Rewarding Results 
  • Head Coach of U9 through U14 Soccer
  • Head Coach of Sticklettes/Clinic-level, PeeWee, Middie and Junior Girls Lacrosse
  • GHAA Commissioner of Soccer which included signups, coach and roster management for all age groups (125 players); equipment management; County interface; etc.
Time contributed ~ Quiet Steady Significant Commitment
  • Soccer Coach from 1997 through 2004 of at least one County team each year and for two years Coach of two teams at same time
  • Girls Lacrosse Coach from 1997 through 2005 of one team each year – 1997/98 for Sticklettes and 1999 through 2005 for the County
  • Commissioner of Soccer for years 2002 through 2004
  • Tournaments for Girls Lacrosse and Soccer
Offices held ~ Performed as Needed for Our Children
  •  Head Coach and Commissioner
 2000 LAX Player Quote “Coach Blaha made it easy to fit in, learn and excel”

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John Coffman – Service from 1998 through 2008

John Coffman joined our soccer and girls lacrosse program the way we all do, coaching his daughters, and with three of them that meant extended coaching assignments.  John’s dedication to coaching was ever evident and his manner positively resonated with the girls.  For over a decade John impacted many young players and helped them to gain confidence and maturity.  Outstanding in his results married with long-term excellence in delivery, John represents the very best in coaching. 

John taught each player equally the skills of the sport and pulled together extraordinary team effort.  However in the end, no matter how the season turned out, John maintained a calm demeanor that kept the players focused on improving their efforts as individuals and as teammates.

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1.  The General’s List was established in December 2006 with the election of the new President of General’s Highway Athletic Association.  The List was incorporated into the new website.  The 2005 award was retroactively given to be in conjunction with the Ron Blake award.  The General’s List honor was originally awarded by the President, but with the 2008 award, it was decided that the President would nominate and the Board had to approve by majority vote.  There is no requirement to give the award every year, only to honor those as needed.  Any member can suggest a nominee to the President.

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