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2019-2020 Season

General’s Highway football program aims to teach children necessary skills to play the game of football, impart a strong sense of sportsmanship, and teamwork. Our coaches encouragement of player effort provides for greater enjoyment by the player and ultimately leads to better skilled and better motivated players.


Our fee structure for County Football for 2019 is listed below.  When you use our online registration system these fees will be automatically calculated based on your selections. 

 GHAA Registration $200.00 .   

Early Registration $150 (March 1st- June1st)

 An equipment deposit check in the amount of $200, postdated December 31st, will be required prior to distribution of equipment.

No equipment will be distributed to players until full payment has been received.
No Registration Refunds Will Be Granted after July 31st.

Uniforms, equipment, mouth guards, trophies, etc are provided as part of our service and thus are included in your registration fee.  Please read over the About and Uniform pages for further information about items you are required to have and/or need to supply.


Anne Arundel County Parks & Rec Age Requirements

The Generals Highway Tigers football will open registration March 1, 2019.  Registration will include clinic “in-house “, 70, 80,90, and 100 lb teams as well as 11u, 12u, and 13u teams. 

Generals Highway will field teams in 8 divisions for the 2019 Anne Arundel County football season.  Teams will be set by both age and weight.

1. Flag-Football  Ages 3-5

2. U7 Team  (Ages 6-7)  Players must turn 6 by December 31st to be eligible.  Players turning 8 before December 31st 2015 must play for the 80 lb, 8 and under team.

3. U8 Team (Ages 8 and under)  Players must turn 6 by September 1st  to be eligible to play.  Players turning 9  before September 1st  must play for the 90 lb 9 and under team.

4. U9 Team (Ages 9 and under)  Players must turn 7 by September 1st to be eligible.  Players who turn 10 before September 1st  are not eligible for this age group. 

5. U10 Teams (Ages 10 and under) Players must turn 8 by September 1st to be eligible.  Players who turn 11 before September 1st are not eligible for this age group.

6. 11U.  Players 11 years or under, players must turn 9 by September 1st, any player turning 12 before September 1st is not eligible to play in this weight class. No weight restrictions for 11U players.

7. 12 U Players 12 years or under players must turn 10 by September 1st any player turning 13 before September 1st is not eligible to play in this weight class. No weight restrictions for 12 U players.

8. Varsity U.  Players 12-14. Players must turn 12 by September 1st, and player turning 14 but not yet in high school is eligible to play in this weight class.


Registration is quick and easy, and you may register as many children as you need to by adding additional players to your registration. You will receive a payment notification upon successful registration and someone from General’s Highway Athletic Association will contact you to verify your registration.

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