Michael Hicks, more commonly known as Coach Mike, has been coaching basketball, football and baseball for General Highways’ youth organization for over 8 years. His coaching journey began about 20 years ago when he took on his first coaching position in Annapolis. Bringing with him his optimism, enthusiasm and determination, Coach Mike, along with his supporting staff, has been able to drive his various teams into the playoffs, often ending in championship victories. Although winning is always a plus, Mike takes pride in encouraging his players to have fun while working hard to advance their skills in each chosen sport the way he himself had been encouraged by his own youth coaches. Having his team players embrace one another as a family is a major key to Mike. He believes it plays a significant role in operating as a single unit regardless of each player’s level of skill. Giving his family the name “Tiger Boyz”, generated fast spreading buzz. Both locally and as the team traveled everyone knew who they were prior to their arrival. “Tiger Boyz” became such an inspiration that teams in the entire organization have adopted it as their own. “Tiger Boyz” isn’t just a name, it’s a standard.


Mikes passion for sports is expressed in multiple areas of the GH organization. In addition to being a coach and an advocate for the players under him, he currently holds the presidency title of the organization. Upholding his title, Coach Mike thrives on community outreach. Inspiring young boys and girls of the community to get up and get moving energizes him to do the same.


After playing semi-pro football for 5 years, the owner of his team decided to turn it over to him. Realizing that focusing on the youth was his calling, Mike released his semi-pro team into capable hands, but not before they went on to win the 2008 championship game.


Coach Mikes’ main objective is to make sure each child he works with walks away knowing that with positivity, consistency and hard work you can soar.


“One team one family!”

Neil King


Neil has four children who have participated in GHAA sports for over 10 years. Neil served as a boys basketball coach from 2010 – present and a baseball coach from 2008-2015. He currently serves as the GHAA Treasurer and previously was the GHAA Secretary.

Joe Porter

Joe Porter has served as Secretary for the Generals Highway Athletic Association since 2015.

Joe also coaches baseball and basketball for GHAA.

James “Jimmie” Hall

Hello, my name is James “Jimmie” Hall, I am the Football Commissioner for Generals Highway Football. I have been with GHAA Football since it began in 2009 when we start the football program. We have vastly grown each year since started with two B-Teams in which we finished the season in the A-Division second round playoffs our first year. The next season we blossomed into filling all weight classes allowed, 7 team in which we all made playoffs that second year. I’d like to see our Organization to continue to grow in the future expanding in other avenues such as education programs, multiple sports clinics, cheerleading, outdoor/environmental programs, and helping others of the community to do more for our community.

  A little about myself, I was born and raised in Annapolis, MD. My Mother was an educator for many years doing her part to help the next generation move as I do through sports. My Father was a former U.S. Navy and work for the U.S. Naval Academy for many years as a mechanical engineer. I finished Annapolis High school in 1993, went to AACC for a semester or two. I tried Collage though seemed not for me at that time in my life. Ended up attend Lincoln Technical Institute and became a certified auto mechanic. As a child I wasn’t allowed to play youth football because of my size as a child. The county football system made players get weighed in before every game. In which I didn’t make weight a lot so my youth carrier was very short. Thank goodness that the county is now allowing unlimited weight classes, which I’ve fought for over the years. I played Football for Annapolis High we were County Champs 3 years in a row. I played with the Harrison Son’s Steelers a Championship 9 man National Teams. I played some semi-pro football for a few local teams AA Co. Admirals, Annapolis Little Giants, Md Renegade’s, and Maryland Christian Warriors. Got into coaching at a local youth organization PAL Hawks as an assistant working with the O/D line. Learned a lot of the process of coaching opposed from playing the game. Children are like sponges whatever you teach them early they carry with them for the rest of their lives. So I fell in love with coaching and helping young people progress in things they want to do in life. After being at that Organization for 3 year as an assistant, I was given the opportunity to become a head coach at another local org Annapolis Crusader’s, were I honed in on my coaching skills. I coaches a couple groups of children to a number of championships while at this Org. I also was coaching a Severn School in Severna Park and Coaching Semi pro football with the Annapolis Thunder winning the AFL Super Bowl. After a short term there and an Administrative debacle I left that org. and began coaching the unlimited levels of football at another org. After being there for two years of being a head coach they had a new president to take term and I wasn’t given a team to coach, so I left that org. and somewhat helped create General Highway Football in 2009 and been here since. As becoming Commissioner I will do my best with the resource I have to move GHAA to the next level of being a staple helping in our community in Anne Arundel County. I am looking forward in growing with Generals Highway as we grow to benefit the Community.

Thank You

Commissioner James Hall

Lisa Lyman

My name is Lisa Lyman and I am the Commissioner for Clinic and Community Basketball. I have 5 kids, 4 of who is currently playing basketball for GH. I played when I was younger and have learned from watching my children’s coaches over the years.

Elizabeth King

Elizabeth has four children who have participated in GHAA sports for over 10 years. Elizabeth has coached in the girl’s basketball program for GHAA since 2013 at both the middle school and elementary school levels. The 2017-1018 season was her first year as the GHAA Girls Basketball Commissioner.

John Downs lll

John Downs lll, is an Annapolis, Md native. He grew up playing basketball in the Anne Arundel County and surrounding areas. John played three years varsity basketball at Annapolis High. His college ball was played at Mitchell College in New London, CT and Wheeling Jesuit University in WV. John has been coaching at the youth level for over 20 years with numerous of his protégés going on to play high school and college ball. Currently, John is coaching from the 5th-8th level at Generals Highway/Annapolis Panthers Elite.